Why science can never prove God and why God is the logical answer of existence?



What is science?

Science is concerned with the totality of the exact sciences which are the subject of the various fields of nature


-Science can never answer all questions because it is an ideology.


-Science can never explain things that have nothing to do with science.

-It is thanks to natural science that there is medicine, etc.

-Science sees a text and says that it is carbon, but it does not ask who is the author of the text. Therefore, science can never ask about God. Science can never describe subjective feeling. It is always an outside perspective.

-The natural science abstracts from the whole of life only a part.


Science can not explain four important questions and even where an explanation does not appear:


Why is there something and not nothing?

Why is the universe as well as it is?

Why is there life?

Why is there consciousness and mind?


Evolution contradicts itself:

Why the materialistic Neo-Darwinian evolution of nature is as good as sure wrong. (Thomas Nagel)

The person with his mind investigates the universe and thinks that there is no mind, even though he thinks with his mind.


God is the source of consciousness and proved through Jesus Christ:

Once through the Lord Jesus Christ who was in the world and who says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and God was the Word (John 1: 1). That means everything was created by God / Jesus Christ. He is the origin of life.



What begins to exist has a cause:

The universe follows from the beginning a series of very specific laws. If these were not given then the universe would not be as it is.



Physical objects have causes of causation:



A box is made of certain chemical compounds from certain chemical substances.


Non-physical objects have no causes of causation:

For example, certain things are found, such as the circle number p, which we can not change.

So it is with God revealed through Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ, for example, multiplied the fish and the bread from a non-existent substance, which points to his creative power (John 6: 1-13). This is how the universe came into existence.


How can we convince ourselves that God exists?

The personal decision to contact the Lord Jesus Christ gives us the answers and the proof that God is who He is.


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Evolution and moral law:



In evolution, the highest is the survival of the species.

Evolution assumes that species adapt to survive better.


Moral law:

For example: Someone says that you should kill someone or you are killed yourself. Then many people say that I do not. I'd rather get killed before I kill someone else. It means that the rational person strives for truth to outnumber it.


When we see suffering in the world, we tell ourselves that the world should be good. But where does the urge of goodness come from in the heart of man? Why should the world be just? Who has implanted all this in the heart of man?



The answers we find through God the Lord Jesus Christ.