What is prayer?

That is communication between god and human.



Human has a heart and with this heart we can orient to other humans and to communicate with them. If we don’t like someone, we can seal our heart and want not to communicate with persons.

Human is also capable to orient his heart to God Jesus Christ and to communicate with him.


Where is God?

God is the Here and Now. He is always here and so we can talk with him at every time.


How we can sense God, if we don’t see him?



We can’t sense radioactivity with our senses, but it is real. We need a tool to sense it.


The first requirement to communicate with god is a personal decision, because we also can decide to talk with persons or not.


How we can have a communication with god?



In the prayer, we should say what God means to us.



Lord Jesus Christ, thank you that you are my father and have given me life.



Our relationship with god has always flaws. God wants that we lead a life with a good heart, but we make mistakes. When we confess our mistakes in front of god, then we renew our relationship with god.


To thank:

We should always thank God. No matter if we have good or hard situations. We should trust God.



We can request god, what we want.



Prayer is a dialog with god. It is a relationship between the father and his child. We are god’s creatures and so we are his children.



In addition:
What are the prerequisites for having a living relationship with God?
That is personal willingness, humility, remorse. This is followed bybaptism and the Eucharist.
Without readiness, nothing works.
For example, if someone calls me and I do not pick it up, then I will not be able to hear it, since there is no readiness.
Humility leaves room for the Holy Spirit. She compares Humility does not compare with other people to be better. Arrogance dispels the Holy Spirit. She compares with other people to be better.
To have regrets. To live as an honest person is also part of living with God. If you are not honest and do not confess your guilt then you can not have a living relationship with God. Even a dissolute life does not lead to God.


Being baptized is important because the Bible says the following! Amen, amen, I say to you, if anyone is not born of water and the Spirit, he can not come into the kingdom of God "

When someone is baptized, he is born again by the Holy Spirit.



It represents the life giving of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection. The origin lies in the Lord's Supper with his disciples:


The Lord Jesus Christ also asks us to participate:

During the meal he took the bread and spoke the praise; then he broke the bread, handed it to them and said: Take, this is my body. Then he took the cup, said the prayer of thanks, handed it to the disciples, and they all drank from it. And he said to them: This is my blood, the blood of the covenant, which is shed for many. (Mk 14,17-25)

Now, when Christians gather for Holy Mass, then Jesus is the host in their midst, so the Eucharistic celebration is, as it were, "Lord's Supper": the faithful are guests at the table of Jesus.

To belong to Christ makes sense only today if one constantly consciously remembers one's love and lives it alive and up-to-date. Hence the Eucharist.


The relationship between you and God is like a relationship between you and a friend. A good friendship is maintained.


How can one have a living relationship with the Holy Spirit? How can you feed your mind?

Once through prayer.

Furthermore, the Bible is one of them. The Bible is the word of God. The Word of God is like taking a meal. She helps us with the teaching, exposing the guilt and recovery.

Listening to Christian songs, listening to Christian sermons are also food for the Spirit. Even a personal conversation with God whether verbal or nonverbal is food for the spirit. Likewise, the Eucharist is one of them.


In all the points that I have listed now, God's Spirit works. God is always there, whether in nature, at home and not only in the church. The important thing is to consciously engage with the Holy Spirit and truly have a living relationship with God.