Transcendental Mediation:

Transcendental mediation comes from the Far Eastern world, Hinduism. The Prophet of Transcendental Mediation is Maharishi Mahesh Jogi.



Yoga comes from the Far East world namely Hinduism. The prophet of yoga is Yogananda.


The philosophically pagan religious monism is the starting point of these two forms, which says that there is only one reality and that is the unified unity. What do I mean by that? Monism is the existence of a single basic principle of being and reality. That is, God is everything, and everything is God. God is not considered as a person, but simply as a cosmic energy. This pantheistic view makes man himself god.

In transcendental mediation and yoga, a passivity is to be achieved, which inflows unknown powers. This should enlightenment, rest and relaxation are achieved. In truth, it comes to chaos, there unknown powers inflow. Gurus say that in Transcendental Mediation and Yoga, one can encounter destructive powers. The encounters with the destructive energies are a basis for the application.


How does it happen that you meet these evil forces?

This happens with a mantra. Mantras are names of Hindu gods that are spoken in mediation.

In Transcendental Mediation, the chakras are opened. Chakras are energy centers of a spiritual body, which according to Far Eastern teachings exists parallel to the physical body and every chakra is connected to a Hindu deity. The flow of energy is stimulated in the TM and in yoga, and thereby spiritual experiences are perceived, even outside the body.


Siddhi is the highest level of TM. Siddhit means perfection. Krija Yoga is the highest form of yoga to achieve supernatural abilities, such as levitation, clairvoyance, etc.


It must also be emphasized that not every form of yoga is harmful. There are also yoga forms that serve purely for fitness only where no mantras are used.



Buddhists try to break away from all to dissolve, and in Nirvana, there is not even an "I"

Also the love for humans, you have to leave behind. But something does not spare us, but we are filled with emptiness and not with the source that fills us with love. One can not attain enlightenment if one does not associate with the source, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.


God - Jesus Christ:


The Lord Jesus Christ is about love, the encounter with God and charity. The encounter with him is the origin of our being.