How does the human being come?


Not only is conception a purely biological process taking place between man and woman, but a third component comes into play, which is from spiritual space and unites with the paternal and maternal germ cell. This is called the breath of life and is the human spirit.


Genes are hereditary genes that have encrypted information. For example, genes determine which eye colors you will have or how tall you will become. Dr. Dreb Lipton (developmental biologist and stem cell researcher) has found in his research that genes do not activate themselves, but they are activated only by signals that come from outside.

These new studies support the discovery by the embryologist Dr.Erich Blechschmidt that genes do not start the differentiation process by themselves. Differentiation means where, what happens, how and when humans arise.


These discoveries refute the theory of evolution:

Further evidence that the theory of evolution is wrong is the fossils, since the fossils were not primitive archetypes but finished creatures from the beginning. The Dakota leaf fossils are the oldest known. If you compare today's leaf with the leaf fossils, you will find that they are exactly the same. Also, the transition form of the monkey to man does not exist and there is no evidence for it. This means that from the beginning man was human and the animal was animal.


The question now is where does this breath of life come from?

By the  first existence and thats God the Lord Jesus Christ.


How did the first human come about?

The first human Adam:

"Then the LORD God made man of earth from the field, and blew the breath of life into his nostrils. And so man became a living being "(Genesis 2: 7).

As we see, the breath of life stands for the human spirit.


How did the second person come into being?

(Gen 2, 22 God the Lord built a woman out of the rib that he had taken from man, and brought it to man)

Eve, the wife of Adam was created by Adam. God has put Adam to a deep sleep and taken a rib from him to make Eve, and finally he breathed into her the breath of life,


How do the following people come together?

The following humans now emerge from the biological process united with God's breath of life.


The question is, who is God?

This is the Lord Jesus Christ.


And why is it Jesus Christ and not who else?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God "(Jn

The word stands for the logo, which comes from the Greek verb legein. The Logos stands for reason and is the position of the person of the Son in the Holy Trinity. God and reason are one. That means that Jesus is God.



God is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and man is capable of living a living relationship with his spirit to God, Jesus Christ.