Rudolf Steiner represents an esoteric image of Christ:

Mister Rudolf Steiner says that the Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest spiritual being, who descends from the sun during John's baptism into the body of Jesus.
He claims that in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is said to have been an incarnation of Zarathrustra.
He claims that in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus was hovering around the Buddha's aura.
At the age of 12, the union of Zarathustra and Buddhism is said to have taken place in Jesus.
At baptism, Zahrathustra is said to have left Jesus, and Christ's being is said to have taken place in Jesus.
At the time of the crucifixion, Jesus is said to have been drawn into the earthworm and is said to have since been a Christ impulse for the people to serve them the ascension into the spiritual world over several incarnations.
He supports Christ's insistence on world karma, that guilt concerns the whole world, not the individual perpetrator.
He claims that there is a fifth gospel, which should be more accurate than the other four.
Jesus is not supposed to be God made man, but an unhistorical, eternal Christ-being.
There shall be incarnation instead of the promised resurrection.
-The Grace of God is replaced by your own power, so you can work off negative karma.
- His source of knowledge is the Akasha Chronicle, which is an alleged world memory.

Anthroposophy is thus a self-learning doctrine, like Buddhism.

Salvation comes only through the Lord Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible, the following must be noted:

-The Lord Jesus Christ is God Himself.
-God is born as man, who is the Lord Jesus Christ.
-There is no incarnation but a resurrection.
-The grace of God enables us to work the Holy Spirit within us, not that we can degrade negative karmic even without God's grace.